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recycling, management, environment, waste, industry, litter


During the past several years, there has been great concern with regard to mankind's apparent lack of respect for the environment in which he lives. Images of landfills that are overflowing due to the tremendous amount of waste that is produced by the public, have become commonplace.

Due to the public outrage at this turn of events, the recycling movement has received a lot of attention recently. Various programs, such as curbside recycling, have begun in an effort to collect and reuse materials that would otherwise be placed in landfills. Glass, paper, plastics, and oil are all now being collected in greater amounts than at any time in the past.

On the surface, it would seem that the recycling movement is working quite well. Yet, although a vast amount of material is being collected, industrial uses for these commodities have not been fully developed.

The challenge that is facing the movement today is not so much how to improve collection techniques, but rather to search out new markets for the recyclable items that are collected. Without the necessary investment in new product development, the credibility gained in the.past;few years by the environmental movement may disappear very quickly.

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