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Customer satisfaction—the-buzz word of the 1990s. Businesses and organizations cannot define customer satisfaction, only the customer can. So*how do organizations find out what their customers want and need?

Businesses and organizations boast about their stellar customer satisfaction. Customers continue to patronize the business until they realize that they no longer have to accept inferior service.

In today’s economy, businesses are concerned with their bottom-line. They will do whatever it takes to make a profit today, even if that means satisfying the customer less than the standard. In the long-run, businesses will achieve lower profits and wonder why. Has the organization listened to their customers and discovered who their customers are and what they want? Has the organization informed and educated their employees about the products and services they represent? Has the organization empowered its employees to handle any situation or problem immediately, without delay, to achieve customer satisfaction? Probably not.

However, are not the customers also at fault for accepting inferior service to what they want and need? Eventually customers do realize this and take their business elsewhere, again leaving the organization with lower profits due to lost business.

Successful businesses have come to realize this unavoidable cycle and have made the customer number #1. Satisfied customers become loyal and repetitive customers who help build long-term profits for the organization. These organizations have learned to listen to their customers, have become determined to discover who their customers really are, and have taken measures to continually improve on satisfying their customers. For no organization can ever be perfect and hence they all must never stop looking for better methods to improve their products and services.

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