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Business Administration


polystyrene, recycling, pollution, bleaching, litter


The focus of this research is to examine the economic effect of the Environmental Movement on the Paper and Plastics Industries. The topics presented are included to show what and how the Environmental Movement is affecting the Industries. The Paper and Plastic Industries responses are also included. Until recently, the Environmentalists have had their own way. Over time, they have found fault with many industries, pressing for laws that legislate companies out of business. In other cases, they have boycotted businesses into buckling under to their demands. They describe doomsday scenarios based on speculation to scare people into behavior they deem correct.

Manifold changes have and will continue because of the Environmental Movement's influence both in government and the private sector. The private sector on some occasions have had proof that a claim on the part of an Environmental group was incorrect, yet could not get their message out.

Some groups are starting to fight back against the excesses of the Environmental Movement. One group called Wise Use proposes that public lands can not only serve the public in a recreational way, but also be environmentally sound and even serve commercial interests. The Wise Use group reaction has come about because laws and rules based on myths and flawed computer models have received more press than the facts.

The goals of this thesis are: Examine the tactics and responses of both the Environmental Movement and the Paper and Plastics Industries; Show how producers have and can meet the challenge; and Show how laws backed by Environmentalists will impact the Industries and eventually the consumer.

The Plastic issues covered are: CFC's, Recycling, Degradable Plastics, both cornstarch based and bio-polymers, Landfills and Diapers. The Paper issues covered are: Deforestation, Recycling, Landfills, Dioxin, and Global Warming.

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