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Business Administration


advertising, promotions, retail, apparel, merchants, fashion


The research is a compilation of professional journals with excerpts from current and historical literature featuring the importance of finding an answer to the industry's problems. The industry's problems today are mostly the result of irrational price promotions and inept planning on the part of many retailers and manufacturers. Retailers feel that consumers aren't biting the bait, however, some retailers feel that's a small part of the pie. They feel that making "price" the only issue for consumers has backfired. It has taken its toll among manufacturers and textile producers, but its also destroying the retail community.

Despite all the problems America's fashion industry can still lay claim to being the largest single homogeneous apparel market in the world. But, the industry needs to takeadvantage of the opportunities it has by simply requiring a willingness to practice the art of being a good merchant. The retailers are chewing their nails and the answer is right in front of their faces. The menswear industry is lacking in "communication," companies aren't willing to discuss problems between each other and possibly find an answer. When, if ever have the industry's leading executives from the retail, manufacturing, textile, financial, consulting and forecasting fields met with each other to discuss the issues of their time and the range of options available to solve them? The companies give the representation of a "Lone Star” out there in the masses fending for itself. For example,• Norman Fryman, president of Greif Companies doesn't expect a reversal of fortune for the industry until next year. Maybe his pessimistic attitude can change if industries cared more about others than always striving for the brass ring. Industries should opt for communication between the sectors to achieve goals and knowledge.

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