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Business Administration


Business Administration


ethics, employee, manager, organizations


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the ethical issues and dilemmas from the employee perspective and how ethical decisions can be complicated by the struggle between the values of the employee and the policies and values of the corporation.

The first chapter identifies ethics as a part of business and standards frequently applied in the business world. The second and third chapters take a look at the values, policies and issue of business ethics with regard to employees and corporations, respectively. The fourth chapter looks at the prospect of resolving the issues between the parties. This includes evaluation of codes of ethics, corporate ethics programs, and employee involvement in ethics decision making.

Applying business ethics in the corporate environment is complicated from the perspective of profit maximization, the ultimate goal of the corporation. Businesses, in their attempt to define ethical practices, quite often end up applying standards that are not black and white, but lie in a gray area. When employees are faced with these issues, the real conflict begins. As employees face their own mores and values, they are confronted with what they believe is right and what the company holds as their policies and values.

Although there is no answer, this paper will address the conflict and attempt to resolve ethical challenges in the workplace, with respect to the employee.

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