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As strategic planning in hospitals evolves, it will force a repositioning of finance coupled with aggressive marketing within the organization. The two combine forces to drive an effective implementation process of the strategic plan under the eye of the planner.

The new found dedication of hospitals to the planning process has created the necessary role of the strategic planner. His primary function appears to be the administrative staff' s window to the rest of the organization. He sets the stage for the entire process of strategic planning.

Although the business community is shying away from product line management, the hospital is forced strategically to stay in touch with its product/service areas. By complimenting its strategic plan with market segmentation of its service areas, the hospital is staying in touch with the needs of its consumers.

The challenge for hospitals today is to set a stage which will convince these customers that their facility is uniquely prepared to meet their needs. Thus, hospitals, through the efforts of a strategic plan, must differentiate themselves through their product/service areas.

Along with identifying its product strengths, hospital strategic planners should look at staff strengths and interests, capitalizing on all its resources, to allow an effective planning process. The paper herein strives to define what the strategic planning process is and how it undergoes its evolution from start to finish.

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