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Soft drink is one of the greatest of American traditional drinks. The American consumers have had a long love affair with the soft drinks. From the past performance overviews, the carbonated soft drink industry is one of the most success industries in the United States. The industry has enjoyed consistent and substantial growth over a period of several decades. Overall, per capita consumption of soft drink has doubled since 1970 and consumption of soft drink has surpassed even that of other popular beverages since 1977. Today, Americans' affection for carbonated soft drinks remains strong. Soft drinks continue to lead the rest of the beverage industry in volume growth. The important key strategic function that has contributed significantly to this success is the strong industry marketing. There are many marketing strategies that are used in this industry. But not all of them that contribute to the industry's success.

The main subject of this thesis is to analysis the marketing strategies of the carbonated soft drink industry in the United States: what marketing strategies contribute significantly to the industry's success and how those strategies have an effect to the volume growth.

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