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Business Administration


childcare, diversity, workforce, employees, management


Having recently had a child, while employed, I discovered that the benefits that I thought I had were not there. I became very interested in whether or not I was alone in being left with fewer benefits than expected. Fortunately there were other options I could take at my own expense.

I decided to look at the overall area of benefits in the corporate setting to see what was available. I discovered that there were vast differences in what was offered from company to company and that hundreds of thousand of women were left without maternity leave and other benefits. These differences led me to explore- WHY? This is one of the questions that I will attempt to answer with this paper.

I found that the workforce had substantially changed over the past decade or two. This has caused companies to create more innovative ways to attract, meet the needs of and keep valued employees. It has become more important to keep the employee for a variety of reasons- ultimately, the bottom line. Another finding was that with the feminization of the workforce, corporate attitudes have changed (ever so gradually, but changed just the same) causing companies to try to become more "family-friendly".

I also discovered that not all women agreed on what benefits should be offered. One final finding was that offering a wide variety of benefits could affect the morale of the employee.

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