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optical, cable, AT&T, telephone, Southwestern Bell


The implementation of fiber optic technology has solved the increasing problems in Telecommunications industry. The increasing information carrying capacity, the reduction in cost and many other advantages make fiber optics very attractive for telecommunications.

The dramatic growth in fiber optic technology gives rise to other phenomena. A profusion of small companies mushrooms to meet the demands of specific market areas. Multinationals jostle for position in the optoelectronics marketplace and price wars develop as fiber costs fall. University groups expand with government and industrial funding in attempts to maintain long-term research options and produce trained personnel. Short courses and tutorial days proliferate to carter for the pressing need for education and retraining of staff. All these and other developments are signals that fiber optics is here to stay and that the world is moving into the optical age.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the field of fiber optics as it relates to the telecommunications industry. This paper will examine the current state of technology from a commercial viewpoint and determine the business potential for fiber optic technologies.

The information in this paper is divided into 5 parts. The first part defines what is fiber optics. The second part of this paper examines the application of fiber optics and the current status of technology. The third part presents the fiber optic markets in the United States. The fourth part presents the fiber optics in the world market. The final part of this paper summarizes the future market potential and the future market forecasts for fiber optics.

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