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Business Administration


Lifelong Learning, automobile, manufacturing, training


The Masters thesis, "The Impact of Continuing and Educational Programs in a Work Environment—Wentzville Case Study,” is an investigation of the current activity that exists at the work place for the adult worker.

The first chapter of the thesis describes the environment that the employee is exposed to in an automobile factory. The purpose of this section is to declare the goals and strategies of the educational process and to describe available educational resources.

The second chapter identifies the areas to be studied and gives and overview of how an individual can get involved in available educational programs at a work situation.

The third chapter takes a more comprehensive look at the available programs and ties them to the Lifelong Learning Process. The purpose of this section is to determine if continuing and educational programs do if fact create an environment where a change in the thinking and attitudes of all the principles; the employer, the employee, and the union impacts the success of the company.

The fourth chapter goes on to formulate a hypothesis. Learning processes is any endeavor is on-going. The masters in any endeavor cease to be effective when the learning process is terminated.

The fifth chapter the material presented, submitted that may make result of the programs. attempts Certain a change to draw a conclusion recommendations are and affect the end result of the programs.

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