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Business Administration


small business, slavery, occupation, segregation, agriculture, sales, manufacturing, white-collar, professional


The purpose of this research is to provide basis for female entrepreneurship, especially that of the African American, and to examine how it relates to society, and the black community as a whole.

From the time that African American women first set foot in the New World, they have struggled courageously to contribute toward a better way of life in the black communities, and the society at large. Their struggles have been waged from the lowest position among black and white Americans, and. they have labored under the hardest conditions with the least amount of employment opportunities.

This struggle has created a prototype of the African American Entrepreneur, who is resilient, bright, energetic, and diverse, despite barriers such as racism and sexism, and other issues faced by women, especially those in authority.

The definition of the African American Entrepreneur expands as education and opportunities become more available in post-civil Rights eras.

The African American Entrepreneur, at the turn of the century as well as today, is truly the advantaged of the disadvantaged, and is charged with the heroic responsibility of providing salvation to her community through her contributions.

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