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salvage, Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Amvets, secondhand, resale, donation, charity


It is estimated that Americans donate over 2.5 billion tons of clothing and textiles per year. The thrift store business provides the central and necessary link for these donations which constitute the secondhand trade. The thrift store enterprise capitalizes on the secondhand trade and generates a thriving business out of used items. Thrift stores across the nation solicit and collect used, donated items and generate the process of distribution for used textiles. Store sales from the thrift store industry are estimated at over one billion dollars annually.

This study provides a comprehensive overview of the cycle of used clothing and more specifically, the thrift store industry. The thrift store business has changed and adapted to American society over the span of the last one hundred years. Thrift stores have developed into a full fledged industry and have become a recognized partner in business. Additionally, used textiles have found a place in the international market. Over 2,700 tons of used textiles were exported primarily to third world countries during the first eight months of 1992.

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