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Business Administration


joint venture, firm, market, subsidiary, franchise


Today's International Business Environment is a very complex one. Many changes have occurred recently that lead some to think the world is globalizing.

Not long ago, the International Business Market was a place of uncertainty. The risk involved in this market is decreasing and many corporations are taking advantage of the different lucrative Market's that exist.

Because the world is globalizing, it is less costly and risky to attempt to do business in the International Marketplace.

Once a company has decided to enter an International Market. The next step is deciding on a form of International Business Ownership. There are many considerations involved in this decision, depending upon the product industry, the market place, legal considerations, government intervention etc....

As such this paper provides the reader with an exhaustive analysis on the subject of International Business Ownership. This paper examines the most effective form of Business Ownership for specific market target's involving Joint Ventures, Import/export, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and Franchising.

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