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Topps, Gum, hobby, collecting, sets, baseball, sports cards


Sportscards have been produced since the 1880's and have become a hobby for many individuals over the years. Many people have bought cards for a myriad of reasons and the cards that they wish to possess have had a long history. The production, distribution and packaging have developed over time to become a large market in and of itself.

The purpose of this research paper is to look at the history of the cards and try to determine what direction they are going in the future. Sportscards and the hobby that is associated with them has grown by enormous proportions over the l980's. What will happen to this market as the years go on? This paper in its research looks at the boom in sports collecting of the 1980's and what could be the bust of the 1990's.

This research paper has been divided into five parts. Part I gives an historical view with background on the cards that were produced, when they were made, how they were packaged and who made—them. Part II discusses the hobby pre-1985, explaining the major facets involved in cards, the consumers, the producers and the hobby. Part III gives a perspective of the modem era of the market, explaining the evolution since the 1980/s, the consumers who have been entering the hobby, producers that have come into the hobby and new markets that previously were untapped. It also will introduce many of the manufacturers in the sportscard field and background on the companies themselves. Part IV looks at the future of sportscards and the growth of the future as well as untapped markets. Part V looks ahead at bringing the hobby and the business of sportscards together and what direction the future holds for this rapidly growing marketplace.

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