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franchisors, franchising, franchisees, franchises, parent company, fast food, contract


Today's franchising is a multibillion dollar industry fragmented among millions of businesses owners. The system has been developing since the end of world war II.

In years past, people associated franchising with fastfood or restaurant operations. These days, many experts believe franchising is the quickest way to expand sales and produce a quick profit for the owner.

The purpose of this thesis is to present the factors that are needed for the operation of a successful franchise system. This thesis examines franchise management from the view point of the advantage for the franchisee. I will try to concentrate more heavily upon the franchisee. The study describes support services such as negotiating a lease, hiring employers, and selecting a site.

The literature search will provide the history, growth, and operating franchise system. Other surveys and studies pertaining to this subject will be cited. The thesis can be read to understand the way of making the layout and design of operating the successful Franchise.

This thesis is divided into four sections. The first section deals with the development and the principles involved in franchising. Other sections look at special areas of operating franchise systems. A short section will offer guidelines and procedures for operating a management program. Successful companies will be analyzed to provide the information.

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