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The construction industry has taken longer to move into the use of modern management than other industries. It evolved from the architect as site manager, through the days that the carpentry trained superintendent ran the job, to the current team management system—project manager, superintendent, and project engineer. It is now moving into professional site management.

To formulate the many activities that are required to properly manage a construction project on site, a Field Mission consisting of seven basic elements has been created. The elements are: (1) complete the project within budget, (2) complete the project on time, (3) complete the project according to the contract and construction documents, (4) complete the project according to the owner/client's satisfaction, (5) complete the project with quality, (6) complete the project avoiding arbitration or litigation costs, and (7) complete the project safely.

Communication, coordination, cooperation, and control are stressed as necessary activities, with corresponding attitudes, for the satisfactory completion of the Field Mission.

Planning is an activity that is divided into the pre-construction phase, and the continuous and followup phase proceeds throughout the life of the job. In addition, the impact of computers in the construction management process is reviewed.

There is a need for both formal education and field experience by the members of the Field Staff and also by the in-office support staff members.

Ethics should be a requirement in every industry, and it is appropriate that they are addressed here with respect to individual loyalty to the company, rights of the workers, the owner/client, as well as subcontractors and suppliers.

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