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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


Business Administration


product, brand, advertising, influence, market


The study of consumer behavior has become an integral part of marketing management. Consumer behavior provides the future marketer with relevant insights into consumer behavior which will enable him to make informed marketing decisions.

Consumer behavior lies at the heart of modern marketing. The successful marketer is the one who effectively develops products and brands that are of value to consumers, and who effectively presents these products and brands to consumers in appealing and persuasive ways. Since marketing depends upon consumers, the ability to understand consumer motivation and predict consumer behavior is an essential ingredient for marketing success. It is the consumer who ultimately makes the purchase, and it is the consumer's behavior that determines the success or failure of the marketing enterprise.

Part I deals with the perspective in consumer behavior and the social and cultural dimensions of consumer behavior. It examines the consumer in his cultural milieu and investigates the influence of beliefs and customs on consumer behavior.

Part II discusses the relationships that exist between consumers and price, quality, and value. The diffusion of innovations, such as how new products are accepted and adopted throughout a market, includes learning consumer preferences.

Part III describes how consumers make product decisions and the constructive process in consumer choice, including the effects of brand loyalty and advertising on customer decisions.

Finally, Part IV covers the individual consumer's needs, brand perceptions, and attitudes.

This thesis is inspired by the competitive situation in the current marketplace, its purpose is to present a comprehensive account of consumer behavior from multi-perspectives and relate how the perspective develops marketing plans and actions. The thesis will show the value of consumer behavior to marketing management. The internal and external environmental variables of consumer behavior can affect the decision of consumers in the marketplace.

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