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workers, union, management, membership, wages, strike, organize


Trade unions have played a big part in providing equity for labor workers. In recent history, the United States Supreme Court, has usually firmly supported the labor movement.

Organization of labor is a very important way for the single employee, who is helpless to compete or deal with his employer. Today, the challenges and opportunities have rapidly changed the workplace which has developed several problems for the union such as: unity in the workplace, workers of different trades and occupations viewing themselves differently, and distribution of union support. These among other factors, have lead to the decline of unions.

I would like to look at the market forces, the American economy, the domestic and foreign competition, and factors that have evolved which encourage union/management cooperation.

I will try to understand the trends and legislative changes as they now affect trade unions. Now that some young workers show no desire for unions, what should the union representatives do? Some workers feel the unions just aren’t wise enough now to help them keep their jobs in a changing economy with foreign and domestic competition.

My paper was written to show in fact that productivity increases if workers feel wanted and also feel they have a voice in the future. I was also trying to get a clearer understanding of why the current status of organized labor in America is in decline and what the unions of America are facing in the way of competition, and economic, as well as, legislative forces. This would better help me to cope with the union problems I face in my industry.

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