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To own a beautiful home is the American dream. Ask almost any person about their dreams and aspirations, and the popular answer will be their desire to own a home. Each individual has their own ideas about size, location, design, and amenities of their home. However, usually, they do not have enough knowledge or experience regarding finance, architecture, and the overall construction process to build a "dream home."

The author's goal in writing this paper is to provide such basic knowledge and information to his reader. This thesis explains in detail the steps involved in managing a home construction project, including locating a home site, purchasing a lot, and selecting an architect. The knowledge of how to work with an architect, designing a dream home, obtaining a construction loan, selecting building materials, and effectively dealing with subcontractors is also addressed.

In addition, engaging the services of subcontractors, negotiating prices, scheduling, and other important considerations in the construction process will be touched upon. The major factors that need to be considered when investing in a home include the financial cost, educational and commercial factors, social and transportational factors, and legal factors.

Construction management is the process by which the objectives of a construction project are achieved through the coordination of functions by supervisory personnel. An in-depth understanding of the step-by-step construction process, beginning with the design phase, proceeding to the construction phase, and ending with that important day when the self-contractor moves into the home, will be gained.

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