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The Asia Vehicle Company was established in 1968 as an automobile dealership in Bangkok, Thailand. The company began operation by importing vehicles that are then sold directly in Thailand. The total number of staff in the company was approximately twenty persons, and the all sales functions were performed by a small sales force. There were only a few competitors because the nature of the business required a large amount of capital investment. The start of company operations has proven to be increasingly profitable. In addition, the growth of the Thai economy has also caused a boost in company shares.

Gradually, the company implemented several marketing strategies aimed at improving sales volumes and due to the rapid growth of the economy, the company expanded the business to become a one-stop sales.

Due to the increased amount of data and competition, the company decided to use computers to control all data processing and information generation. A vital role of computers is to promptly produce information to be reviewed by management.

The company must utilize computer resources in order to become a fully computerized company. Although the present office merchandise ordering system currently used has proven to be efficient, but with better use of computer resources, the company will be able to reduce labor and errors.

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