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Nursing is critical to the operation of health care institutions. The opportunity to prove their worth and become part of the health care solution is in their control. However, due to the costs of nursing turnover, nurses are part of the problem when attempting to keep health care costs under control.

Factors relating to nursing turnover is a complex issue. Several factors, such as management style, stress of the job, and salaries, need to be considered when strategies are formed to decrease nursing turnover. Several studies have been conducted regarding turnover among the nursing profession. These studies give insight to the nurse manager regarding factors that trigger the decision to leave and at what time a nurse manager will be able to successfully intervene and retain the nurse.

The challenge facing health care providers is to maintain quality services while remaining financially viable. Quality of care measures are being developed with the main emphasis on patient outcomes. During the age of cost efficiency, nurses will need to prove their services make a difference in the outcome of the patient's health care encounter.

Hospitals have responded to the turnover of staff nurses by employing short-term measures to fill the vacant position of a full-time staff nurse. Agency nurses and nurse extenders are being utilized to care for patients in order to prevent bed closures, which results in lost revenue to the hospital. This band-aid approach to provide nursing care is often at the expense of quality care and low morale to the existing staff nurses.

A long-term cure for nursing turnover is focusing on retention strategies. Retention strategies include effective management style, adequate orientation, and a program to promote nursing autonomy.

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