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Business Administration


TQM, improvement, control, workers, employees, managers


The purpose of this,paper is to evaluate the history and implementation of total quality management (TQM) in hospital administration.

It provides the reader with the history of TQM and the three "gurus" whose philosophies have had the greatest impact on the movement. The reader is also informed of different tools used to implement TQM.

Historically, technological changes have evolved rapidly in hospitals but administrative procedures have changed little in the past 20 years. Outdated administrative procedures have been a contributing factor in the rise in health care costs, along with the high cost of equipment and the expansion of insurance companies' paperwork, policies and procedures.

Hospitals are under constant pressure from all sectors to become more cost effective. And consequently, hospital administrators are looking for ways to reduce spending. To stay competitive, they must cut costs while increasing, or at least maintaining, quality. Because of this need, more and more hospitals are turning to TQM.

This thesis evaluates the benefits of TQM in hospital administration and asserts that, when carefully implemented, TQM can reduce costs.

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