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banking, technology, data services, processing, customers, consumers


On the most basic level, outsourcing is very simply allowing another party to handle a portion of your business for you. Outsourcing can refer to almost any kind of agreement between two companies through which one provides the other with a service.

The types of outsourcing most frequently used in the service industry can be divided into two categories, cost-reducing and revenue-generating. There are many examples of outsourcing agreements that help companies reduce costs. These examples are common arrangements involving data processing, data center consolidations and software migrations; they are a primary focus of the industry today.

While the decision to.outsource may be a good one, it does not necessarily mean that it will be an easy one. Outsourcing is a big step with many, advantages and possible pitfalls. In my thesis, I will provide some guidelines for considering the outsourcing alternative.

Chapter I will deal with the nature, categories and importance of outsourcing.

Chapter II will study some big companies which provide computer services to their customers. We can see the relationship between the vendors and buyers.

Chapter III will discuss some banking services in outsourcing.

Chapter IV will conclude my study.

My thesis is inspired by the service industry trend where many companies are looking for outsourcing as a way to generate profits and reduce costs. I am quite interested in outsourcing activities and the outcome of the deal. Besides, I want to know how it will affect these industries. Will it be a good method or not? Will many companies follow suit? By studying the outsourcing topics, I think I can find some answers.

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