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Since the dawn of the electrical industry, with Edison's introduction of the first practical lightbulb, lighting has come into our lives and taken up a vital place. Lighting has continually evolved; developments are being made that were once only a dream; before they were a dream, they were nonexistent. With the increasing consciousness of energy conservation, the industry has created energy-efficient lighting products that will provide essential artificial light while not compromising quality, yet at the same time reducing the amount of energy that these lamps consume.

These lighting products are catching on; moreover, the federal government's recently enacted legislation will speed up the acceptance. Programs are being implemented by distributors and by the lamp manufacturers themselves to promote these energy-saving additions to their product lines.

Cost is a major hindrance of these items. While it is true that the initial cost of an energy-efficient lightbulb is quite high, the amount of energy savings offsets this upfront price. The savings that these lighting products offer are quite substantial, although they are difficult to see when simply comparing initial costs of energy-efficient and non-energy-efficient products.

With this thesis, the author wishes to inform the reader of various energy-efficient lighting products that are currently available, as well as touch upon some products that are in the developmental stages. Current legislation, as well as distributor and manufacturer programs, will also be explored. This thesis offers the reader a look at an essential part of our lives, yet one that is seldom thought about by those outside the industry. Yet when we consider it, the world of lighting is quite fascinating!

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