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Business Administration


water control, marketing, tropical climate, greenhouse


Evaporative Cooling System is a good temperature reducing system which has a number of applications in agricultural and industrial sectors. In Thailand, the Evaporative Cooling System was first introduced in the country in 1986 by a poultry farm owner. At present, the cooling system is being used in the number of larger poultry farms around the country.

The purpose of this thesis is to estimate the current as well as potential demand for cooling pad which is the most important part of evaporative cooling system used on poultry farm.

This research paper has been divided into five parts. The first part gives an overview in term of background, objectives and methodology. The second part analyzes the current as well as future demand of this product in Thailand. The third part provides the profiles of suppliers of evaporative cooling system and pads. The fourth parts focuses on marketing plans both short-term and long-term for Kaset farm. The last part provides a summary and presents the author's conclusion.

After reviewing this paper, the reader will possess sufficient knowledge to make future marketing decision about cooling pads in Thai's market.

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