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Many people believe that non-profit firms, unsullied by consideration of profitability, provide needed social services in a trustworthy and efficient fashion. Others deride non-profit firms, believing that without a profit motive there is little incentive either to produce services in an efficient manner or to accommodate the desires of consumers. I believe that a non-profit welfare organization is similar to a profit firm and government structure in the following ways: in the markets for skilled labor, sales, and reduced cost service. Recently, many people have studied the non-profit organization. I applied economic and political theories to analyze the marketing of the non-profit organization. In the past twenty years, the Hong Kong Government set up a subvention system for the non-profit agencies to assist the Social Welfare Department. What is the relationship between the Hong Kong Government and the non-profit agencies? Are the non-subvented agencies free to create their own marketing? Chapter three will focus on marketing strategy. In the non-profit sector, marketing is similar to business. Marketing strategy is found to be an important determinant of performance for non-profit and profit firms. Although this strategy may be regarded as fixed in the short run, in the long run it is determined by the inherent advantages of the non-profit, for-profit, and government forms. Social change can affect people's living conditions and economic structure. Hong Kong faces 1997's sovereignty change and redeveloped urban manpower. Those problems will affect non-profit welfare organizational marketing structures. The author also discusses how social change impacts the marketing of non-profit welfare organizations in chapter four. Social welfare is a part of governmental policy. It provides services to people and solves many of their problems. Many governments work with non-profit organizations to provide services. Hong Kong is one of them. In this structure, the author analyses how the nonprofit welfare organization distributes its service.


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