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Business Administration


Bangkok, tourism, hotel, market


Most guest house businesses are dominated by small scale businesses, characterized by sole proprietorships or partnerships. There are a large number of guest houses in the market because there is no interdependence among them. The products in each guest house are not identical in term of location, services, and facilities. Entry barriers and cost of exist are low. A highly competitive environment exist. In term of competitive behavior, it was found that price reductions are not often used, even during off season, because of a highly competitive environment. Most guest houses emphasize nonprice competition though the use of various sales-promotions. Popular sales promotion measures of guest houses are 1) name card distributions and 2) pining up guest house signboards. Furthermore , guest houses attract their guests by using product differentiation, namely, quite and convenient locations, good facilities and services. Others include cleanness, friendliness, and brand images. Most tourists get the information about guest houses from word of mouth and guide books.

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