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Business Administration


shareholders, market, acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions have been the focus of finance literature in recent years. The significance and importance of the consequences of those activities have been one of the major concerns of both economists and policy makers. This study is to investigate those issues of mergers and acquisitions.

Over the past two decades, there have been a great number of studies studying the consequences of changes of corporate control. One of the important issues studied over this period of time has been the wealth transfer effect for shareholders of acquiring firms. These studies have attempted to find out the wealth changes for shareholders of acquiring firms resulting from the mergers and acquisitions activities. If shareholders of acquiring firms have significantly negative gains from those transactions, and if management's major goal is to maximize the shareholders' wealth, those activities should not have occurred in the first place. On the other hand, if management has goals other than value maximization, management will engage in those activities without considering the wealth effect on sharesholders and pursue their own personal interest.

Several researchs have documented that the shareholders of acquiring firms have either zero or significantly negative gains. The others, however, have shown that the shareholders of acquiring firms have actually significantly positive gains. These ambiguous and controversial results deserve further investigations that can help us understand the true returns for shareholders of acquiring firms and the management's incentives.

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