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Gender, Title IX, parent, income


For many women, profession and famiy are pitted against one another on a high-stakes collision course. Women’s values are stacked against the traditions of their professions. In the home, men and women struggle to figure out how dual career marriages should work. Role conflict for women reaches far beyond the fundamental work/family dilemma to encompass a whole array of fiercely competing priorities. Women today find themselves in an intense battle with a society that cannot let go of a narrowly defined work ethic that is supported by a family structure that has not existed for decades. -The purpose of this research paper is to evaluate some of the consequences of women’s changing roles. Although muph has been written about the origins of these changes, surprisingly little has been said about their impacts. There are many definitions of a family. For the purpose of this research paper we will focus on family defined as parents or parent and their children under one household. This research paper has been divided into four chapters. Chapter I presents a historical view of women in the workplace. The growth of the female labor force since the turn of the century is reviewed. This chapter also presents some of the holdbacks women face in the workplace. Chapter II presents the context within which the changes with women are 1 occurring. How are men and women interacting in the work force? What occurs in households when the full-time homemaker is no longer available to take care of domestic responsibilities? What are the effects of public policies which have presupposed that most families consist of a single earner and dependents? Chapter III provides information on the / implications of change. It reveals the socioeconomic and political impact as well as the future of women in the workplace. Chapter IV provides a summary and presents the author’s conslusion. Despite certain inherent tradeoffs between work and family, we hold the optimism that the workplace can change in ways that will support a more comfortable alliance between careers and children.

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