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Fringe benefits play a very important role in the recruitment and retention of employees. Without a competitive program an employer will not be able to hire the more qualified applicant. Employees expect a variety of benefits because they have always had them and do not want them reduced. Benefits have grown substantially since World War II when they were offered as a means to circumvent the government imposed salary limitations. Unions negotiated for and received increased benefits because they were easier to obtain than higher salaries. Benefits were relatively cheap to provide so employers agreed to increased coverage. Advances in medical techniques and technology expanded the healthcare industry. These advances improved the care and took away much of the pain and suffering. Unfortunately these advances are expensive. Medical benefits are abused by many which drives up the cost of health care. These costs are passed on to the consumer, and for many, this means the insurance company. The insurance company likewise passes the increased cost to their consumer, the employer. The employer must either reduce profits or pass these costs through price increases of his products. Today, medical expenses are the most expensive benefit provided. Premiums have skyrocketed and rate increases in the double digits are common. Attempts by the government to implement a health care reform has failed again. If it had been implemented there were no indications that employer expense would decrease. For the smaller companies, medical expense would actually increase. Employers must take an active role in the provision of medical benefits to their employees. Alternatives to the existing programs must be considered and aggressive management of the benefit must be done. Employees should be provided strong medical coverage and health care providers should be reimbursed appropriately

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