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In the past two decades, the Pacific Rim region, made up of the newly industrialized countries of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the Associated of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Brunei, have witnessed dramatic economic growth. Kojima (1978, 1985) and Lee (1983,1984) suggested that foreign direct investments by various multinational corporations contributed immensely to the growth of the Pacific Rim countries. Foreign direct investments by multinational corporations have contributed to the growth and development of host countries through transfer of technology, training .or skill development, providing capital for further development, and the exporting of manufactured goods. Some of the countries in the Association of South East Asian countries have benefited more from the foreign direct investment than others. Kojima (1978,1985) suggested that some host countries may be more attuned to benefit from foreign direct investment than others. Hill (1985) supported this view. The existence of low wages in developing countries, especially in the ASEAN nations with highly educated labor forces, has always been regarded as a comparative advantage in the international trade. Agarwal (1978) found that there exists a positive correlation between foreign direct investment and relative wage costs in Brazil, India, Iran, Israel, Mexico and Nigeria.

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