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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration


production, plant, motors, markets, ventures


International joint ventures are a new face of the world automobile industry. Transnational corporations secure their positions by locating their factories in international markets. Joint production deals might have seemed unimaginable in the past, but now Ford produces sport utilities with Nissan in Spain, and GM co-produces cars with both Toyota and Suzuki. Many reasons play a key role in creating an international joint venture in production, marketing, and finance. By the help of joint ventures, companies can produce superior products, and produce at a lower cost. The automobile industry is in the mature stage, and therefore that situation causes much competition. In highly competitive and risky markets, multinational enterprises consolidate by closing their plants, or laying off their workers; at this point, joint ventures help companies reduce the risk of doing business in international markets. In this way, companies share their knowledge on marketing, production, or distribution. Especially, major automobile manufacturers of North America, Japan, and Europe build joint venture plants. My thesis gives an understanding of the global structure of the automobile manufacturing industry during 1990s. Then, my thesis explores the utilities of joint ventures.

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