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telecenter, predictive, outbound, forecasting


The following work will introduce the reader to the telemarketing industry. The equipment used in the industry and the terms that are associated with the industry are thoroughly covered to give the reader a core of knowledge that promotes comprehension of the body of the text. On of the main challenges that a modern telecenter faces is how to properly allocate the equipment, both fixed and flexible, in such a way that the work flows properly, and the costs are kept low. This work gives the reader the solution to this allocation problem by covering each step in the process. The fixed equipment in the call center is the starting point. The choice of this most expensive of resources is critical to the center's productivity, and to the capabilities of the center. Once the fixed equipment has been determine, the forecasted call volume sets the workstation requirements. Forecasting is an imperfect science that seeks to eliminate uncertainty in future events. Using a sophisticated system that is well designed produces highly accurate forecasts. Linear regression formulas are used to determine the forecast; and it is the forecast that determines the number of telephone service representatives a particular project will require. Once all the parts have been determined, a template is used for equipment allocation to ensure that proper work flow and supervision are provided. The business of telemarketing is a dynamic one in which cutting edge technology is employed to service customers efficiently at low cost. The proper allocation of the equipment is a vital link in reaching this cost effective goal

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