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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration


fuel, oil, air quality, exhaust, environment


Air quality in Thailand's urban and industrial areas has deteriorated as a result of the concentration of energy-intensive activities such as power generation, transportation, and manufacturing. The Bangkok Metropolitan region alone is responsible for almost 60 percent of Thailand's total energy consumption. The city therefore faces air pollution problems typical of many other large cities in the developing world. The purpose of this thesis is to study the management of air pollution in Thailand, with a special focus on how private individuals and industry cooperate with regulations and economic incentives issued by the Thai government. This research thesis has been divided into four parts. The first part gives an introduction to the problem of air pollution in Bangkok, Thailand. The second part concerns the management of air pollution in Thailand as a whole. The third part analyzes more specifically the government's use of regulation and economic incentives in order to manage the problem. Finally, the last part provides a summary and draws some conclusions.

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