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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration


Funeral homes, burial, body, property, cemetery, cremation


The Master's thesis, "A Study of the Changing Trends in the Death-Care Industry," is a study of current trends and factors affecting the death care industry. The death-care industry has been undergoing a makeover during the past decade. Several impressive factors have affected this industry, namely: corporate consolidation, cremation, and demographic changes. The first chapter of the thesis provides an in depth study of corporate consolidation and acquisition within the death-care industry. Several major national corporations have been acquiring and restructuring thousands of funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries throughout the United States and abroad. Private and independent funeral homes throughout the nation must prepare for these changes in the future. The second chapter focuses on the phenomenal growth of cremation as a percentage of the total body dispositions. In conjunction with chapter one this section studies the growing demand throughout the United States for cremation as an alternative to traditional services. The death-care industry must revise and rethink the services that they provide in order to meet changing societal and dispositional demands. Chapter three reviews demographic changes affecting the industry. Such factors include: baby boomers, a growing population, and the more educated consumer. The death-care industry must adjust accordingly to consumer demands so that funeral homes throughout the nation remain profitable and able to serve their markets.

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