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Business Administration


advertisers, white, culture, inferior, slavery, stereotypical, stigma


The center of this research is to examine advertising as it relates to African- Americans. Subject matter is presented in a fashion to access the evolution of advertising in the 1900s as it pertains to marketing to African-Americans and to bring to the forefront the lack of importance placed on this culture by advertisers. Further, this research discusses the beginnings of many misconceptions and negative beliefs directed at African-Americans and reviews the limited knowledge and depiction of the African- American culture by general-market advertising agencies from the beginning of the 20th century to present. The research divulges and investigates the origins of several stereotypical characters associated with African-Americans. Further, this paper analyzes the industry’s views of portraying African-Americans by electronic and print mediums, attempting to reveal that although some changes have been made, several stigmas have remained constant. The research examines the recent importance being placed on African-Americans as viable advertising targeted markets. After conducting interviews with advertising personnel, I explored various demographic breakdowns employed explored. I have reviewed, through literature and primarily interviews of both African- American and general-market agencies, the direction the advertising industry is headed. I concluded with a marketing study to ascertain the views and opinions of African- Americans on the subject of advertising. The research is an amalgamation of proficient source manuals and journals with passages from current and historical publications. Also contained are points of reference interviews with professionals in the media, African-American and general marketing advertising agencies. Finally, I have utilized the views and opinions of African- Americans regarding the positive and negative feelings they may have toward the advertisements they have come in contact with. My attempt was to gain insight into the advertising business, utilizing different points of views and assessing the industry on the basis of the information obtained and come up with solutions to remedy any shortcomings the industry may have in the public’s eye.

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