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TQM, organization, employees, training, customer, service, goals, processes


Total Quality Management (TQM) is being called the most significant shift in management philosophy and practice since the Industrial Revolution. TQM presents radical new challenges to traditional management. It demands a dramatic rethinking about how decisions are made, how work is evaluated, and how communication is conducted in the work place. Management has to decide which skills and abilities should be developed. This will ensure the success of TQM and will refocus the organization's resources and energies on serving the needs of its customers. This thesis will show the different theories of TQM based on the works of Deming, Juran, Feignebaum, and Crosby. Although there are differences among the theories of TQM, there are several basic principles. These principles are as follows:


Characterized by constant innovations and constant improvement

Customer Driven

Involves customers as part of the process

Employee Involvement

Views employees as resources for production


Uses the tools and techniques for measurement

Recognition and Reward

Utilized intangible and measurable contributions of motivating employees

The implementation of TQM is a process that is ongoing. It takes total commitment from the top to the bottom of an organization. TQM can only effectively be implemented through a new style organization which emphasizes operations and functions rather than positions of power. In essence, TQM involves much hard work, requiring a long-term partnership between management and the workforce in building a new style organization.

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