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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College of Education & Allied Health


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

First Advisor

William W. Clark

Second Advisor

Heather J. Hayes

Third Advisor

Douglas P. Larsen


retention, assessment, cognitive, feedback


A primary goal of deaf education teacher preparation programs is to help students acquire a sufficient body of factual and pedagogical knowledge and retain it for future application while serving children with hearing loss and their families. One potential way to improve teacher preparation is through the implementation of retrieval practice, a strategy to promote learning and retention of material over time. This study examined whether retrieval practice could be used to improve learning in an authentic educational environment, using real content, and real materials. While this study provided important information regarding the implementation of retrieval practice authentic classrooms, it remains unclear whether or not faculty should scale up the use of retrieval practice in deaf education teacher preparation programs. Individual instructors will need to determine the appropriateness of embedding retrieval practice activities in their own courses, or the consider the extent to which they chose to promote individual student use of retrieval practice for outside of class study. Further, this study affirms the need for contemplation of effective pedagogical practices in instruction and assessment in deaf education while illuminating necessary next steps and methodological considerations for future research.

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Open Access Dissertation

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