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Business Administration


Business Administration


technological, competitive, reliability, strategies, productivity


The computer industry represents a segment of the world economy that is growing in importance. Such an industry is characterized by the high rate of technological change driving business activities, complexity of the technology underpinning business opportunities and threats, and extreme uncertainty caused by these and other factors. Managing these kinds of businesses is problematic because the external environment of the computer industry is so fickle that something promising today may become obsolete in short order. Therefore, clear and explicit consideration of strategic planning and management control not only helps a company survive the fast-paced environment but also provides it with ways of gaining competitive advantages.

The purpose of this thesis are to examine the external environment of the computer industry and to explore effective strategic planning and management control for this particular industry. We know that the external environment of a firm can be political, economic, sociological, technological and competitive. Here, we will lay our emphasis on technological environment and competitive environment, which have the most significant influences on the computer industry. After examining these factors, we will further explore defensive policies to counter foreseeable threats, offensive strategies to exploit potential opportunities and, above all, flexible policies and approaches which will allow us to survive and be successful in such a rapidly changing environment.

My thesis also explores useful principles to apply to the decision making of today’s computer industry. The world economy will be quite different from what businessmen, politician, and economists still take for granted. The trend toward reciprocity as a central principle of international economic integration has by now become irreversible and many concepts and theories are emerging, such as alliances for progress, business-driven research and development, managing with information systems, and so forth. Through these useful principles, we can turn threats into potential for growth. My thesis asserts that management of a computer firm must employ strategic planning and management control as valuable tools for managing corporate risk and gaining competitive advantages.

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