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Technology and Memories: Interview with Jason Finley


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Memory is the transmission of information across time and generations in various forms ranging from cave paintings, oral tradition, the printing press and today, hand-held devices. As Americans, we rely heavily on technology to store our information and to quickly receive data. Therefore, our memories and are abilities to remember basic information and facts changes as well. Recently, Fontbonne University received a $100,000 grant in order to study memory. With the grant money, Fontbonne students will have the opportunity to attend a conference on the topic of memories starting in 2018. It is a psychology course, where students engage in memory and memory remembering activities through wearable cameras. If students do not sign up for this class, there are other informal forms of activities to practice memory through gather oral histories from Bosnians in St. Louis. Once completed, students will be able to view real and virtual galleries with their findings. Psychologist Jason Finley, assistant professor of psychology at Fontbonne University, joins us for more on how technology can impact our memory.


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