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Design group Trio Sarajevo (husband and wife Bojan and Dalida (Durakovic) Hadzihalilovic and collaborator Leila Mulabegovic Hatt), formed in 1985, was part of the Sarajevo generation which was raised on the punk culture and pop-art movements. Trio Sarajevo opted to remain in Sarajevo during the war in Bosnia, continuing to earn a living as commercial designers. This compilation features 20 postcards that redesign iconic popular culture images. Postcards are in four rows: 1. (left to right) “Let the Game Start Now! Sarajevo ‘94” [Olympic Games rings with a hand holding a gun pointed toward the viewer]; “Berlin [crossed out] Sarajevo : The Wall, 1961-1994” [a redesign of Pink Floyd’s album cover for The Wall and referring to the Berlin Wall (1961-1989)]; “’God Save the Sarajevo’ : ‘God Save the Queen’ (Sex Pistols), Sarajevo, 1993” [a redesign of the Sex Pistol’s song cover]; “Welcome to the Olympic Games: Sarajevo, 1984-1994” [Olympic Games rings are barbed wire]; “Everybody Wants to See ‘Gone with Sarajevo!’ : Gone with the Wind” [a redesign of the movie poster with the Sarajevo skyline in the background]; “Enjoy Sarajevo, 1994” [a redesign of the Coca-Cola logo]; “Mona Lisa : Sarajevo, 1993” [a redesign of the Leonardo da Vinci painting with the Sarajevo skyline in the background]; “Wake up Europe! Sarajevo Calls Every Man Woman and Child” [a redesign of the “Wake up America! Civilization Calls Every Man Woman and Child” poster by James Montgomery Flagg (1917), suggesting that the United States enter World War I]; 2. (left to right) “Happy New Year” [with stars or fireworks and a red bomb dropping]; “One Hand Deaf and Dumb Alphabet: ‘Sarajevo.’ X Festival Sarajevo, Sarajevska Zima ’94 = Sarajevo Winter ‘94” [based upon an outdated sign language chart spelling “Sarajevo” with an historical scene of soldiers and canons and a city on a hill]; “Olympic Games, Sarajevo, 1994 : Iwo Jima” [a redesign of the World War II image with the Olympic Games flag in place of the American flag]; “Absolut Sarajevo (Country of Bosnia) : Absolut Vodka” [a redesign of the vodka advertisement with the following adapted text: “Absolut Sarajevo is made from authentic Bosnian citizens: Muslims, Serbs, Croats, Jewish and special blends, born in rich country of Bosnia. The spirit of togetherness is an age-old Bosnian tradition dating back more than 800 years. Sarajevo has been sold under the name Absolut since 1932”]; 3. (left to right) “Sarajevo’s Music Nights, Ode of Sadness” [features a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven and the Sarajevo skyline, referring to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” the official hymn of the European Union]; “Sarajevo’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” [a redesign of the Beatles iconic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover]; “‘Sarajevo’ : ‘Hollywood’ on Trebevic Mountain” [redesigns the Hollywood Sign overlooking Hollywood, California; “Sarajevo” version features the communication (TV) tower on Trebevic Mountain]; “Sarajevo, World’s Greatest Adventure Strip Character! : Superman Logo” [a redesign of the superhero image (DC Comics Inc.) with bullets hitting Superman’s shield]; “Sarajevo’s Condensed Chicken with Rice Soup : Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup” [a redesign of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans painting with bullet holes]; 4. (left to right) “I Want You to Save Sarajevo” [a redesign of the World War I recruiting poster “I Want You for the U.S. Army” by James Montgomery Flagg featuring Uncle Sam]; “Farewell Sarajevo” [featuring Ernest Hemingway and alluding to his novel A Farewell to Arms, set during the Italian campaign in World War I]; “Sarajevo 1993 : ‘Scream’” [a redesigned image of Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream, with the Sarajevo skyline in the background].


A note at the bottom of each postcard reads: “This document has been created in war circumstances. (No paper, no inks, no electricity, no water. Just good will.).” Produced during the war in Bosnia, 1992-1995.




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