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April 28, 29, 30, May 1, 1966


Don Garner



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Synopsis of Dark of the Moon

John is a witch boy. His mother was a witch, his father a buzzard. He lives high in the Smoky Mountains and consorts freely with witch girls. When he spies pretty Barbara Allen in the valley, he makes a compact with the Conjur Woman. She is to make him human so he can marry Barbara, but if Barbara should prove untrue to him within a year, he is to renounce his humanness and return to the witch tribe forever. The marriage is consummated and Barbara gives birth to a witch child, which is burned by the midwives. At a religious revival, Barbara is forced by her Christian kin into infidelity with Marvin Hudgens to break the spell, after which Barbara dies and John goes back to the witches.

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Dark of the Moon



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