Organizational Needs Assessments

College: Education and Allied Health Professions
Director: Renata Sledge

These are examples of Organizational Needs Assessments from students in the third course in the Generalist Practice methods sequence. Generalist Practice III [SWK 351] offers a comprehensive overview of the knowledge, values, and skills of generalist practice with groups, organizations, and communities. The Planned Change Steps Model (engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, termination, and follow-up) provides a framework for in-depth study of human behavior in the macro social environment, including group, community, and organizational theories and dynamics. The course also covers developing and managing agency resources, advocacy, and social action with populations at risk, ethical dilemmas in macro practice, working with the courts, stress, and time management.


Submissions from 2023


Organizational Needs Assessment: Department of Student Affairs, Keena Cross


Organizational Needs Assessmen: Kinkel Center, Katie Leeker


Organizational Needs Assessment: Technical Report, Jo Runke