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Sodality: February 2021

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Our reading this month is a short blog post from Best Colleges:

Why You Should Major in African American Studies


Fontbonne offers a minor in African-American Studies that enhances students' majors by providing an in-depth look at historic, political, and contemporary issues from the perspective of the African-American community and their contributions.

  • How would you describe the value or importance of African American Studies?
  • What benefits or skills does it offer students?
  • What is (or should be) the relationship between the African American Studies minor and the social justice requirement that is part of the general education curriculum?
  • Should Fontbonne consider a major in African American Studies? Why or why not?


Lee DeLaet: Please consider adding this minor to your academic program! Working in advising I can attest to its welcomed reception by more and more students! I recommend this link for a contemporary POV: To learn more about how it can enhance your Fontbonne experience and beyond, I would also encourage interested students to contact Dr. Corinne Mason at for more information.


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