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This month we're featuring a video from Degrees with Less Debt and including their executive report as supplementary reading for those who want to learn more.

Some members of Fontbonne's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative are a part of Fontbonne's Postsecondary Equity Network Team (PEN) through St. Louis Graduates. PEN consists of higher education leaders and students who are committed to ending racial and economic disparities in postsecondary degree attainment in St. Louis and surrounding areas. "A"is for Affordability is the second video in their new series.

Read the Executive Summary: Degrees Without Debt: Postsecondary Strategies that Enhance Low-Income and Black Student Success

Despite rising costs, completing a college degree is still a wise investment. Yet, inequities in social systems and education have fueled educational equity gaps; 22% of Black adults in 2017 attained a bachelor's degree or higher, whereas 37% of White adults attained this same benchmark (Nichols & Schak, 2017). Further, in 2018, 62% of adults from families in the highest-income quartile had attained a bachelor's degree or higher by age 24 compared to just 16% in the lowest-income quartile (Cahalan et al., 2020). Our Degrees with Less Debt series is motivated by these low attainment rates for low-income and Black students, the increased debt load that many students incur, and the economic, social, and moral imperative to ensure that the most marginalized students have the opportunity to achieve their career goals.


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