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Our reading this month is a post from the New York Daily News.

University of Pittsburgh Introduces Mandatory Anti-Racism Course for Incoming Freshmen

  • Do you think a required course or speaker series would be a better idea at Fontbonne?
  • Why do you think this course is required for freshmen only? Do you think this was the right decision, or should all students have this requirement?



Lee DeLaet: I agree this should find a way into the first-year curriculum. Maybe as a Phase I (with bigger steps to follow), speakers could be part of the Janus Seminars which take place each fall. It could be reasonable to make a minimum number of topic-focused seminars required for course completion. I also think it would be worthwhile to open these seminars to others beyond first-time, first-years. I would appreciate the entire campus community being invited to attend (either online or at a time in the future when COVID-related issues have abated).

Regina Wade-Johnson: Yes, I think this would be a great speaker series for Fontbonne. I would probably make it an optional course before making it a requirement, to gather data and feedback from the students taking the course.

I think the course was only required for freshmen as a select group, to introduce a diverse mindset to newly enrolled college students.

In my opinion, it was a good decision to only have the course required for freshmen. The freshman class would be considered a tracking group to follow up with annually and collect information to determine if the required course made an impact on their views and opinions regarding racism.


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