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Sodality: October 2020

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Our reading this month is a post from The New York Times.

Hiring People with Disabilities is Good Business


  • Why do you think hiring individuals with disabilities is good business?
  • How can Fontbonne University create more job opportunities for individuals with disabilities? Yes or no and why?
  • How do you rate Fontbonne University’s inclusivity as it relates to hiring individuals with disabilities? Excellent? Good? Fair?


Regina Wade-Johnson: 1. Hiring people with exceptionalities is good business because it promotes diversity and inclusion. 2. Fontbonne University should create more job opportunities for individuals with exceptionalities because it supports our mission and contributes to the low employment rate for individuals with exceptionalities. It also demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 3. I would give Fontbonne a fair rating as it relates to inclusiveness of people with exceptionalities. There is always room for improvement.

Brady Shuman: I'm continuing to think about how making facilities accessible makes them better for everyone. Curb cut-outs are helpful for bikers and walkers as well as wheelchairs. Lever-handle doors are useful when my hands are full.

I agree that Fontbonne is working toward more inclusive hiring. We can and should look for more opportunities to be even more inclusive.


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