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Year of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

First Advisor

Laura O'Hara

Second Advisor

Catherine Schroy

Third Advisor

Barbara A. Braddock


In both speech-language pathology and behavior therapy, best practice is interdisciplinary collaboration (ASHA, 2016; BACB, 2017). However, this is not always the case. Collaboration may be limited or non-existent between these two fields, which may negatively impact client outcomes (Koenig & Gerenser, 2006) as behavior and communication are correlated (Donaldson & Stahmer, 2014; Koenig & Gerenser, 2006). This is especially true in populations such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (Donaldson & Stahmer, 2014; Koenig & Gerenser, 2006). This study surveyed certified speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathologist assistants, as well as board-certified behavior analysts, board-certified assistant behavior analysts, and paraprofessionals certified in applied behavior analysis to determine the current state of collaboration between these professionals. The survey results were analyzed for trends and revealed that collaboration may currently be less than ideal between these professions. Several solutions to improve collaboration were discovered and discussed.