IRB: Faculty Submissions

IRB: Faculty Submissions

At the beginning of each academic year, Faculty will receive a link to access the IRB pages in GriffinShare. This page includes an explanation of the proposal process and links to the following:

  • Faculty Screened for Exempt Status Review Form
  • Faculty Expedited or Full Review Form
  • Ethics Training Request [sidebar]
  • IRB Proposal Tips [sidebar]
  • Essential Elements of the Consent Form [sidebar]
  • Informed Consent template [sidebar]
  • Survey Approval Form [sidebar]
  • Classroom Research Exclusions [sidebar]
  • Request to Amend and/or Extend Research in Progress [sidebar]

Things to know before you begin:

All researchers must complete research ethics training and provide documentation of completion with review requests. Training materials will be made available through the campus LMS. Requests for access to the course can be made HERE.

You will need to submit a copy of your completion certificate with this proposal unless it is already on file with the IRB committee. Training approval is valid for three years.

Steps for Submitting Research Proposals:

There are two submission paths available: one for your own research and another for student projects under your supervision. Any research affiliated with Fontbonne University that involves human participants requires review by the IRB committee. For more information about projects excluded from the review process, see the guidelines outlined HERE.

  1. Gather your materials, including your project title, an abstract, information about participants, copies of your recruitment script(s) and consent form(s), and proof of ethics training
  2. Select the appropriate form for your project (exempt review or expedited/full review).
  3. Fill out the form, upload all supporting materials, and submit it through GriffinShare.
  4. Projects will receive notice of approval and their approval number via email.

Researchers who submit incomplete forms or complete the incorrect form for their research projects will have IRB submissions returned to them for resubmission.


Screened for Exempt Status – at least ONE week for review
Expedited Review – at least THREE weeks for review
Full Review – at least FOUR weeks for review


IRB: Faculty Submissions:

Faculty Submissions: Exempt Review

Faculty Submissions: Expedited & Full Review