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Mariah Davis


Mariah Davis




Early Intervention in Deaf Education, MA

Early Intervention in Deaf Education, BA | Fontbonne University


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St. Louis, MO


I knew I wanted to be a teacher since as long as I could remember. In high school, I was looking into different areas of focus and found Deaf Education. I was immediately interested in American Sign Language and the anatomy of the ear. I decided to look for programs that had a Deaf Education bachelor's degree and found Fontbonne. Even though I originally did not want to go to college in state, my mom suggested we go look at the program so we could compare other DE programs to it. After visiting Fontbonne's program, I fell in love. I went to other college visits, but no other program and campus seemed to fit my needs as well as FBU. After graduating with my bachelor's, I decided that the master's program in Early Intervention would give me new insight to a population I have already learned a lot about. So here I am at Fontbonne for my fifth year in a row, and I am happy to be here!

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Mariah Davis